baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake

Harry’s face when seeing this sign made by HappilyHaylor at the Dallas show 8.24.14!

2012 / 2014

2012 / 2014

the best thing that's ever been mine
the best thing that's ever been mine 

In this moment now, capture it remember it…

But I keep cruising...

through the eras: lead music videos

Anonymous asked: do any other award shows have these audience cams or just the vmas? and thanks for recording it!


VMAs and CMAs had them. Billboard had backstage cams which is where this gif came from. I think that’s it. 

Here’s a compilation I think that’s all I know of:

2012 VMAs 

- Audience Cam & Backstage

2013 VMAs

- Niall Horan & Taylor cheek-kiss, hug, and chat

- Clapping for/Listening to One Direction’s win

- Singing/Dancing/Reacting to Miley’s performance

- Bonus:  Taylor trying catch glimpses of Lady Gaga’s butt :p

Billboard Awards 2013

Backstage with Charity Baroni, Selena, and Justin

2014 CMAs

Dancing to Cruise

Dancing to Day for the Dead

Dancing to Wagon Wheel

Audience Cam during George Strait winning EOTY

Audience Cam during Pinnacle Award

2014 VMAs

- Taylor Audience Cam

You could've been getting down to...
You could've been getting down to...